Structural Alterations and Builderswork

Shaca Construction specialise in structural alterations of existing buildings. Much of Shaca’s work has been in Central London where space is of a premium and moving lift shafts, staircases, introducing mezzanine levels and additional basement levels to maximise a properties potential is always in demand.

The structural alterations often involve groundworks and new drainage within existing buildings, structural steelwork, heavy duty propping and temporary works schemes, reinforced concrete works (often waterproof), blockwork and brickwork, diamond saw cutting and  demolition and stripout. Our portfolio includes examples of all of these construction types.

We have completed over 400 schemes in London, Shaca are used to difficult working conditions where access and restrictions to noise are closely monitored. Quiet demolition involving chemical or hydraulic concrete bursting, night working and temporary sound surpressing hoardings have been implemented on many of our projects.


Groundworks and Reinforced Concrete

Groundworks and reinforced concrete account for about half of Shaca’s turnover and we have successfully completed many new build groundworks schemes, including underpinning schemes, basements and swimming pools.

Many of our projects are in very challenging central London sites with restricted access and often within / below existing buildings. One of our most challenging projects recently, for a Private Residence in Kensington, (see our Project Portfolio) involved underpinning to depths up to 7m, to create a triple-level basement including swimming pool and complex temporary works to the existing building.


Screeding and Dry Lining

Normally as part of a structural alterations or concrete frame package, Shaca are often required to complete the screeding and dry-lining, reducing the number of different sub-contractors on site, which many Main Contractors have seen as a significant advantage to them.