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June 4, 2020 - Comments Off on Gresham Street Project – City of London

Gresham Street Project – City of London


With works in progress at our Gresham Street Project, in this article we demonstrate the extensive groundworks involved with this project in the City of London.


Our dedicated team of skilled workers marked out the new roof metal staircases position and completed the break-out of the existing RC slab in accordance with the engineers’ and architects’ setting out position.

The hole was covered for safety and to prevent water ingress into the building.

In line with current covid-19 government guidelines and wearing full PPE equipment, our team supplied the concrete pump from street level and connected into the static line into and along the basement. The above photo shows the concrete of the new RC slab over drainage trenches.

The photo above shows the installation of the new RC slab with Ancon MBT Couplers and hydrophilic strip around and over the drainage trenches in accordance with the engineers’ specifications.

We marked out the new trenches position for the new below-ground drainage. The existing rebars were bent and the Hi-Vis Safety rebar end cap protection was installed.

Digging out and tunnelling below existing RC beams to allow new drainage runs pass through. Finally, we completed the supply and installation of drainage runs with 10mm pea shingle and new RC chambers as per the engineers’ specifications.

At Shaca Construction, we have successfully completed many similar projects in London.  Groundworks and reinforced concrete account for approximately half of Shaca’s turnover and we have been successful with many new build groundworks schemes, including underpinning schemes, basements, and swimming pools.

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