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March 19, 2020 - Comments Off on Middle Temple Project

Middle Temple Project

Our team has been hard at work at our Middle Temple project in North London. This extensive project has included multiple stages internally and externally.  Some of the internal changes involved:

  • Bricking in of existing fireplaces prior to structural works which included the installation and removal of Acrow Props with strong boys which form part of the temporary works.
  • Supply and installation of Naylor concrete lintels top & bottom to close off the existing chimney flues as per the engineer’s specification.
  • Break out of the existing structural masonry work wall to form the new door opening and make good as per the architect’s specification.
  • Supply and install temporary works to prop the existing arched brick and appropriate floor joist until stainless steel sleeve and grout are in place.
  • Diamond core holes through 1.2m structural external masonry walls.
  • Supply and install stainless steel sleeves to allow the M&E services to pass through external walls.
  • Grouting around new sleeves
  • Supply and paint of the new structural box frame with 60 Mins fire resistant intumescent paint.
  • Removal of the existing wood frames and windows in the main staircases, break out of the existing masonry wall.
  • Supply and brick in the existing windows with Class B engineer bricks to support the new link bridge & concrete padstones over.

Externally, our team at Shaca Construction have been working hard to dig the external trenches.  The operation included cat scanning the entire area prior to lifting up the existing York paving slabs.  Once the paving slabs were lifted a new external trench was dug out including the installation of trench supports.

Our portfolio includes many similar structural works with over 400 schemes completed in London.  If you have a project you would like to discuss with us, please feel free to get in touch:

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