Royal Woolwich


Project: Royal Woolwich


Client: Vital Energi
Location: London, SW1

Sited on the south bank of the River Thames in Woolwich, south east Lonon. The Royal woolwich energy center has been completed stripped out to its core and the existing boilers and chimney temporarily housed in a next to the site to maintain the energy for the local community while the new eco friendly boilers are installed. This was carried out by constructing a temporary boiler house and sequentially moving and installing each boiler. Once the boilers were moved across, we carried out the extention to the RC slab for the new gas Kiosk room and internal piling to take the load of the new chimney flue. Once all the RC and ground works were completed a new structural steel frame was installed internally and floor introduced to house three new eco boilers, office and WC facilites to the site.